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Claims Made Simple!

Automating Claim processes with Progressive Web Application technology. Have the flexibility in customising the workflows, streamline claim processes .

Tired of dealing with tedious checks on claims, checking of receipts, toll receipts? — Standardised these claims!

Automate with Ableclaims!
Centralise the claims, where stakeholders can check and linking the accounting systems and yet have complete visibility!
Get your staff to key in and snap pictures of the receipts; reduce the paperwork and checking. Get the source person to key in and be responsible to snap picture of these receipts.

Benefits of a digital expense solution

Luckily, there are automated expense management solutions out there. Ableclaims eliminates the most annoying aspects of processing expense reports. It replaces the paper report with an app that walks the user through each claim. This allows staffs and finance teams to save up to 70% in processing time!

Staffs directly upload receipt scans with their smartphones, while expense management software automatically extracts data from it. Managers are notified immediately and can approve or deny the new expense. If approved, expenses are sent to the finance team.


Contact: Nelson Yong 0123107373

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